Some Disabled People May Be Eligible For Life Insurance Coverage

Has injury or disease kept you from applying for a life insurance policy? If so, I suggest that you shouldn't give up just yet. Granted, there are certain conditions that will keep you from being insured, but unless you are certain you should get in touch with an agent and give it a try.

Awhile back I I came across a an individual that was certain that he couldn't buy life insurance coverage at all because he's a diabetic. I told him that just because I understood his situation, I was certain that it couldn't hurt to go ahead and fill out the information, after all, you just don't know what might happen. You've probably already guessed, he was approved. I have to be honest that even I was a bit surprised, but that's proof that it won't hurt to try. In this particular case, the Underwriter faxed a form back asking a series of medical questions and, |after seeing the answers|once they'd seen the answers|after going over the responses}, decided that this person was insurable after all.

I won't sit here and tell you that if you have a serious condition that you'll be eligible to purchase life insurance. That wouldn't make sense to you or reflect a professional image on my part. However, just because you happen to have a specific disease or disorder does not immediately exclude you from consideration for life insurance coverage.

The person that makes the final decision is the above mentioned "Underwiter". The Underwriter reviews the application and, after taking all things into consideration, she or he will make the final determination. An Underwiter's job is not to embarrass you, pick on you, or single you out. They are only protecting the interests of the company and nothing more. They have a set list of guidelines that they are made to follow when reviewing applications for life insurance and their decision is in no way "personal". The good news is that you might actually be within these guidelines and not be aware of your eligibility. That's because you may have just assumed you wouldn't be covered and that's not necessarily the case.

If you have a disabling injury or disease and need life insurance coverage on yourself then, unless you've already been told that you're not insurable, why not fill out a simple questionaire? By doing this you'll know without a doubt whether you're able to buy the coverage that your loved one's have to have in the event of your passing.

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