Be Prepared With Winter Sports Insurance

The leaves may still be on the trees but the first snowfall has fallen in the Alps and the Pyrenees so the start of the new ski season is just around the corner. Of course, last year many resorts saw little snowfall but that is not occurring this year so everyone will have their chance to have a thriving skiing trip this season.

Each year though, many thousands of skiers, new and old, fall foul of the slopes, returning home with injuries they were not expecting. That is why it is essential to have the proper ski and snowboard (winter sports) to provide the necessary cover on and off the slopes and most travel insurance company offer good cover for intermediate and beginners.

Most of the skiing cover is for these two groups and fortunately when accidents occur they are more likely to occur on regular, patrolled slopes where help can reach them quickly. Troubles usually occur when the skier has gained sufficient experience to want to try something a little more challenging and to apply slopes that are not patrolled. Still, most winter sports insurance policies only have limited (if at all) cover when a skier goes off piste as this is where serious accidents are most likely.

Often the conditions will specify that the individual will only have winter sports insurance cover if they stay within the resort area or that are with a guide at all times. With other forms of skiing and snowboarding activities like half pipes and free style, serious accidents are more likely even though they are becoming very popular.

If you do not want hefty medical exam bills before you return home it is essential you check to make sure your winter sports insurance protect|covers]s you in the event of an accident for these types of activity. You may find your up-to-date travel insurance will cover you for winter sports but this may be limited and will not cover certain activities you may be planning although many companies will allow you to upgrade your travel insurance to include winter sports that do not fall within the policy.

You may find it easier just to source an insurance provider that has organized a bespoke winter sports package as this may provide everything you need without the worry of checking every detail of your up-to-date travel insurance. A winter sports insurance package will usually cover areas such as ski equipment, ski hire, even lack of services due to closure or avalanches.

The more expert you are, the more likely you will need more specialist cover than supplied by the common high street provider as mountain rescue and medical costs are expensive and if this requires repatriation then the costs mount up rapidly. Just remember it will be too late to arrange the insurance to protect you after you have been injured.

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