10 Tips For Affordable Car Insurance | Cheaper Car Insurance

There are a number of things you can do to help you get Affordable Car Insurance. However, getting the cheapest car insurance is not always the best policy, you need to finely check exactly what your car insurance covers and what your liability would be in case of an accident, we have come up with a number of tips to help you when deciding which car insurance company to choose.

1. Car security
Ensure your car or the one you intend to buy has plenty of security features. having plenty of features will make the insurance companies feel safer about insuring you. Vehicles with Car alarms, immobilisers,air bags, anti-lock brakes are cheaper for car insurance companies to insure.

2. Maintain a clean driving record
The better the driver you are the more likely you are to receive cheaper car insurance. keeping a clean record will ensure you continue to get cheaper car insurance year after year.

3. Under one roof
Consider using the same insurance company for all of your insurance products most insurance companies will give you substantial discounts if you also use them for you home, contents, buildings etc insurance.

5. Lower your mileage
Most insurance companies believe that those who drive more offer more risk to them, so consider driving less and this could help to reduce you car insurance premiums.

6. More than one car?
Insurance companies often give good discounts for using their company for all the cars in your home.

7. Driver training
Consider going on driver training courses, they will not only make you a better safer driver but car insurance companies will also look at you favorably and could offer you substantial discounts. This could be especially useful for high risk groups such as teenagers.

8. Increase your voluntary excess
Increase your voluntary excess to a level you can afford, which will help to get you cheaper car insurance.

9. Special discounts
When getting quotes look out for special discounts that may be available, for example insurance companies often give discounts to women drivers or for having a 3 year accident free record, don't be afraid to ask.

10. Shop online
The best way to buy your car insurance is online. Most companies will allow you to make a quote online and receive the car insurance quote immediately, great for comparing your quotes.

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